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Advantages of Using Chat Bots on ChatFuel - What Are the Advantages of a Chat Bots Platform?

One of the newest forms of internet marketing and advertising, chatbot platform development is fast becoming a must have for all online business owners and marketers. Chatbot technology is the use of automated chat application for internet marketing that allows you to connect to potential customers and prospects over the internet without having to spend hours, days or even months on direct contact with each person. Simply by using the chatbot platform, it is easy to develop, deploy and manage multiple chat bots for internet marketing in a matter of minutes. Below are some of the most common questions about chatbot platform at and how you can use it for internet marketing:

How do I integrate my bot? Integrating your bot into your site involves connecting it to both your web application and to your merchant account provider so that your customer's messages can be automatically sent to your bot and vice versa. There are many different open source integrations available on the market today from companies such as Aweber, GetResponse, and Opex. However, most webmasters and marketers find that the official Google chatbot integration services provide the most functionality and for the lowest cost as well.

Why should I use an Enterprise chatbot strategy? Today, it is very common to find massive amounts of chatter on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook that are generated by tens of millions of users absolutely free of charge. These conversations are quickly and easily searchable and if you have an app that allows you to manage these chat sessions on your site, you will dramatically increase conversion rates and sales opportunities. Many of the biggest names in enterprise marketing today have apps that integrate with the chatbot platforms and it makes sense to take advantage of this by using the platforms together for greater efficiency and for less cost. Read more about software at

Do I need a premium chatbot platform? There are several free chatbot platforms that you can find if you simply take the time to explore them online. On top of that, there are also several premium services which charge a reasonable fee to maintain the bots on their network. These services allow you to get customised support, customised reporting, and the ability to easily and seamlessly integrate your web application or script with the chatbots platform. Whether you are a small or medium sized business, you will probably find that a free plan will work best for your needs.

What are the advantages of integrating with chatbot platforms? The first obvious advantage to using these systems is that you will be able to create more than one channel on your site at once. You will be able to create channels for direct interaction between your customer and your staff, between prospects and your sales team, and between yourself and other members of your organization. You can create multichannel marketing channels that can be captured by the chat bots on each of these channels. This will allow you to reach your entire customer base in a single, easy to manage way.

The second advantage to the free plan is that it will allow you to quickly evaluate the performance of your product as well as learn more about your customer's preferences. In this manner, you can send your messages to as many people as you want and receive real-time responses from as many of them as you desire. Chatspotrollers also have the potential to do automated market research, which can be extremely helpful for organizations that rely heavily on customer information. These chattel chatbot platforms are an easy way to start sending out messages quickly and to evaluate the results of any changes.

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