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What is a ChatBot Platform?

Chatbot Platforms is also known as chatbot applications, automated conversational platforms, chatbot systems etc. To be classified as a chatbot platform, an application should give: An interface (text based or graphical-based), which allows the users to interact with the program. It should allow the users to create, modify, and share their own text-based conversations with other chat bots.

There are various companies that provide these services. However, the services vary from one company to the other. There are some well-established names in this field. Amongst them Infuse Internet Technology Pvt Ltd, Cogentrix, Netty Labs, Conversant Technologies Pvt Ltd, and Cricut are some of the well known brands. The following discussion highlights some of the advantages that chatbot platforms provide to enterprises.

As already mentioned earlier, it is a very important feature for any web application that can effectively run on the basis of the internet. The most popular chatbot platforms available are: Amazon's ECOS messenger, Zynga's Mafia Wars, Microsoft's MSN Messenger, Facebook's chat bots, Yahoo! Messenger, and Yahoo! Messenger. All these chatbot platforms use the same technology, and they all run on the Java based applications platform. Get more facts about software at

The major advantage of chatbot platforms at is that they can use the distributed processing resources such as the mainframes, the database servers, as well as various Messaging Service Providers (MSPs). This enables the system to send pulse. This is a form of advertisement that delivers new ads on user's desktops and mobile devices. These new ads are generally customized according to the pre-determined parameters such as the color theme, the image file formats and also the main key phrases. There is also an option to integrate third party advertising campaigns. All this functionality makes it easy for the advertisers to customize and target their ad campaigns.

The other advantage of these conversational ai platform is that they can be easily used by any end-user in any part of the world. On the one hand we have the ease of usage by any person without any special technical knowledge, on the other hand we have the benefit of creating chat Bots for multiple messaging services, across various locations. This is made possible by the availability of IP numbers that can be easily assigned to various messengers. It is for this reason that the creation of chat Bots has become so popular among different messaging service providers.

The chatbot platform is also beneficial for a business that is looking to expand its services beyond the boundaries of its current geographical location. For example a business may want to expand its services to the Middle East, but does not have a lot of resources or expertise in this area, then they can easily hire a chat bot developer who will create a Chat Bot for them from scratch at very affordable rates. This will save the company thousands of dollars and will also allow the business to gain a wider customer base. This is because the new customer base will generate more revenue and more profits, thanks to the better functionality provided by the chatbot platform.

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